Many of us love Lanhydrock for different reasons but, when it boils down to it, the main reasons are it’s fantastic landscape and unspoilt tranquillity.

But if the National Trust and 1 Southwest get their way all this will be changed forever!

They want to put cycle trails, a cycle hub, a new café and toilets and greatly extend the car and coach parks, all in our beautiful, unspoilt landscape. They predict that this will attract an extra 55,000 visitors per annum, on top of the approximate 350,000 people that already visit the area each year to see the historic house and walk in the beautiful parkland.

Current Lanhydrock Landscape

Proposed Plans

The National Trust have now submitted their planning application. It is number PA12/07801 and can be found at:

Please take time to look at the plans and send your opinions in writing to –
Gemma Halstead
Planning and Regeneration
Cornwall Council
39 Penwinnick Road
St Austell
PL25 5DR.
You have until 25th October 2012 to send in your objections to the planning officer.  Many of you will have your own reasons for objecting to the planning application.  Following advice from our planning consultant the following points should also be included in any letters of objection

The grounds to include in your letter of objections are:

  1. Traffic – Turfdown Road is heavily used by HGV’s as this is the authorized HGV route to access the A38.  The proposed one way traffic flow raises potential highway safety issues relating to a conflict between HGV’s and coaches turning in and out of the coach park entrance/exit as well as a conflict between HGV’s and cars waiting to turn right up Respryn Road to access visitor parking through Double Lodges.
  2. Historic Landscape – Significant road signage needed to direct traffic along the one way traffic flow system together with removal of long lengths of Cornish Hedgerow, and the removal of the young woodland to make way for an overflow car park and coach park will all have a significant negative impact on the character of this beautiful historic landscape and lead to an increased urbanization of the local landscape.  This is an Area of Great Landscape Value, a Cornwall Wildlife Site and its natural beauty and character must be preserved.
  3. Ecology – No detailed Habitat/Species surveys have been carried out in the woodlands where the cycle trails are planned or of the area in the car park to be developed so it is impossible to evaluate the impact of the proposals on the wildlife habitat.


Click photos below to what is being proposed

If you would like to be kept informed of developments or would like to leave a comment then please submit your comments and contact details below:


Action or Apathy? - You Decide